Visual Studio vNext

For those of you that do not keep up to date with what is happening around the world, TechEd North America is currently in progress.

Being a technology junky I generally enjoy events such as TechEd and MiX(especially our American counterparts). This is the time that Microsoft starts introducing stuff they have been working on since the last event, or gives us a glimpse into what they are working towards in the next wave of product releases.

This time, once again, TechEd is hardly off the ground and the excitement has already started to set in.  As part of the keynote Jason Zanders gave some insight into what is coming in Visual Studio ALM vNext.

I must admit, from a brief glimpse, there are some very exciting things heading our way! I really like the revamp of the TFS Web (TSWA) and the new functionality around planning and capturing feedback. I would however like to see more around the work that they have been doing with TFS on Azure.

In Visual Studio the unit test integration hooks for 3rd party frameworks looks interesting and the new “Team Navigator” has potential.

Oh man.. we’re just starting to get the hang of VS & TFS 2010 and we are already looking to the next version with anticipation…
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